• Daniela Yakuel

Rekindling Self Expression Through the Written Word

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

I have always been a communicator. I remember the first speech I ever had to give. It was Ms. Austria's 5th grade class. We were doing a a month long study on the Civil War and we were required to choose a historical figure from the period. I remember with earnest intent I stat at those hold desktop computers that felt like the size of a washing machine as I research facts on Paul Revere. The opening line to his infamous poem can still be recited my memory in my head...

"Oneth by land and tooth by sea, and I on the other shore shall be. Ready to ride and spread the alarm through every middle sex village and farm"

My mother decked me out for the class performance. I went to the fabric market with her to specifically choose lush velvet material from the vest jacket I was to wear, a long with full blown colonial pants, button down top and stockings. I was the embodiment of Paul Revere.

I had my note cards down to perfection with my main speaking highlights on there and must've practiced that speech 20 times in my sleep. I essentially knew it by heart. I loved to play with the embodiment of different characters. As if I could step into the realm of what they were feeling, sensing, being at the moment in history and deliver from a space of full charisma.

I loved standing up in front the class. There was a rush I would feel in the pit of stomach just on the threshold of standing there. There was a confidence and power that I felt as a medium and bridge between ideas and deliverance.

As year progressed there was countless other moments at school where the same rush was ignited in my belly. I loved it. I love to speak, I loved to share, I loved to communicate.

It seems more recently, this channel of expression has been stifled. I guess as we grow up our inhibitors get the best of us and that organic thread that lit us up as children begin to slowly diminish. We doubt ourselves, or well at least I do. I loose contact with the things that Brought us the most joy and fulfilment in the first place.

I yearn to rekindle this line of self expression.

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