Softening of breath to meet contraction, 


We soften into the rightness of this moment. 




We can be so quick to wish to fix, change, transcend our suffering 


Before offering ourselves the authetic allowance to honour it in the first the place. 


When we filter our reality through a lens of wrong vs. right


The parts of ourselves that are the source of our grievance tighten and contract. 


What we are communicating is that 


“the way it is is not okay”.




Our time together offers the space to deconstruct the tightly woven notion that our suffering is something 




Less than, 




The truth is, the human experience is messy, 






And vulnerable as hell.


As we meet in a space of openness and acceptance 


We can begin to unpick 




And unfurl 


The aspects of ourselves that are in judgment, comdination and resistance 


To our wounding. 


In unpacking and unlearning the learnt response to reject, condone, and stifle 


Our pain, 


A natural and organic process of release occurs.


Layer by layer, inch by inch, we descend into an allowance to deeply feel 


From a place of reverence and honour. 





The body serves as roadmap for our time together. 


I will continually encourage and invite you to become receptive to 


What is felt and sensed in the body as gateway


Into deeper layers of acknowledgement, softening and understanding. 




When we descend into the somatic experience of what is visercally felt 


It serves as direct and primary pathway towards clarity, coherence and connection.



This work consciously touches multiple levels of the being:


Physical, emotional, mental and energetic  




As your guide, comrade and partner 


On this journey,


I offer a level of attunement and awareness that invites you into a  


A subtle dimension of the Self that is receptive, open, allowing and Real. 




I am here to reflect All of you with an open heart.


Ensteaped in reverence and honour, 


I welcome you. 

// Somatic Healing